Why   “we do the Usual…

                   Unusually well” ?

I have been asked “why the moniker/motto we do the usual unusually well?"

I am reminded of what my Dad and Mr. Ray Hunt told me (and I’m sure they felt like they h...

The biggest hurdle we riders face isn’t our fear or our horse’s fear. It isn’t misunderstandings or the “unknown.” The biggest hurdle most riders face is what we see and hear vs. what we notice and listen to around us. What we missed because we were hurrying.

In the world...

HORSE*MAN*SHIP:  The more you move about the country - whether by truck and trailer, or via ink or screen – every region, and every horse discipline, in this country seems to have their own spin on what horsemanship means.

Searching “horsemanship” on Google will bring up...

I firmly believe that just about anyone can get on a horse and trot and canter around an arena. You watch other people do it and it looks easy enough, right? In my opinion, it takes very little to no effort to get on a horse and trot and canter around an arena. Not much...

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