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This is a 90 day program that gives the participant a feel for what is involved in owning, managing, and working a farm, ranch, or equestrian teaching facility.

The program is divided into 3 semesters. Each runs a total of 12 weeks, with each week requiring 15 hours of participation.

The program is nonsalaried.

The Internship program teaches and prepares the intern for what goes into managing a ranch: land management, feed management; and animal husbandry. The basics of horse assessment are reviewed: determining the training level of a horse, its ride ability, any issues/problems that horse may have, and how rider error or lack of education has affected the horse.


We are looking for someone who is interested in riding a good horse, several days a week, in exchange for help with barn and ranch chores. These chores would include stall/run-in/aisle cleaning; horse grooming, and some property maintenance.

The Intern will be taught the horsemanship methods that we practice at Shokota. You will learn the method of riding and training a horse which is follows the Vacquero tradition of horsemanship. You will also be instructed on how to create a lesson plan.

The applicant must have some experience being around, handling and riding horses. You must be fit and healthy enough to work several hours a day doing labor as well as working with horses.

We will be posting an application for this position soon. Until then please contact Ken Davis at 804.796.2600.