The Little Things

Why “we do the Usual…

Unusually well” ?

I have been asked “why the moniker/motto we do the usual unusually well?

I am reminded of what my Dad and Mr. Ray Hunt told me (and I’m sure they felt like they had to preach it for me to “get” it) …

If you take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves.

No matter what you do, from reno of a barn to horse training, pay attention to the details and PRACTICE THEM ALWAYS. Everything I put my hands on I want to leave it at least 1% better than before I got to it. No matter how menial or tedious the action has purpose and reason.

Start with a good level foundation, your walls will take shape, be level and square, as well as your roof.

Start with a horse that is kind, courteous and patient to walk thru a gate, you will have a horse that follows your feel and direction in your ground work as well as soft and responsive under saddle.

Just as walls lacking square and plumbness will become evident in building a sound house, so will the lack of rudimentary equine skills become a problem to the handler. A task as mundane as walking to and thru a gate will fore shadow what is to come in the groundwork and eventually under saddle.

So think about how our horses lead to and go thru the gate. Do they wait for your direction and request or do they rush, push and rudely take YOU to be groomed, or possibly have to be dragged and prodded to and thru the gate in a state of dred to their known final outcome?

How specific can you become in the process of gathering and leading (notice I DIDN’T SAY CATCH!) your horse. Is your horse patient with you or on autopilot? Next blog… prideful or narcissistic?... be good and be safe…KbD