Located just outside Richmond Virginia, Shokota' Equestrian is a unique equine training, teaching and boarding facility.

Director Ken Davis followed and rode in Ray Hunt's clinics, which changed how he understood and approached not only his relationship with his horse, but his comprehension, aptitude and dedication to the Vaquero tradition of horsemanship. He continues his study today with Buck Brannaman. Ken's horsemanship philosophy encompasses and adheres to that of both of these legendary horsemen. 

Shokota Equestrian is well known as an expert training facility for all kinds of horses: unbroke, green broke, problem horses, restarts, and more. Ken strongly believes that what he accomplishes by training a horse is only effective if it is reinforced and maintained by its owner. He therefore urges owners to participate as much as possible in their horse’s training - either through hands-on work, observation, and/or follow-up lessons.

Shokota Equestrian offers an open group lesson on Saturday mornings, as well as individualized private lessons. 

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