Private One-On-One with Your horse

One hour - $85

Second Hour - $60

Private One-On-One with Shokota Horse

One Hour - $100

Second Hour - $85

Group Lesson, 3-4 rider minimum

One Hour - $75

Second Hour - $60 

Group Lesson with a Shokota Horse

One Hour - $100

Second Hour - $85

Your Barn or Facility

Minimum $100

plus travel expenses




has nothing to do with punching a clock. A horse doesn't wear a watch, nor does a student learn a concept in a specific block of time. Our lessons can run long. If you are here for an hour you pay for an hour but will usually get additional lesson time to make assure that you and your horse always finish on a good note. 

Ken Davis is a skilled instructor, having studied extensively under master horsemen Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, and John Lyons. He holds lessons at Shokota' Equestrian.

Lessons are available on an individual or group basis. From beginner to advanced, Western or English disciplines, Shokota' Equestrian offers something for every level of rider. Although lessons incorporate instruction on the mechanics of riding, emphasis is placed on horsemanship skills individualized to each rider and horse as a team: the principles of purposeful communication (learning to “speak horse“), confidence, and of course, safety.