The Apprenticeship program is divided into 3 tiers but by no means is the end to a horsemanship education. Horsemanship is an enlightenment:  Mr. Ray Hunt would say that what you learn to do with a horse will apply to every aspect of your life.

This program is designed to have the apprentice work with three unbroke horses, from start to finish  - all the way up into the saddle. To finish a horse and to create a bridle horse isn’t possible unless you start an unbroke.

  • Entered Apprenticeship

A 30 day program that works Monday- Friday with the weekend off. There will be a written and practical exam each week with a written final and Riding Practical. In order to advance to the Fellowship program you must pass the Entered Apprenticeship with a a score of 80% or better.

Program will begin at 9AM with the working of the unbroke horse. Lunch will be at 12PM. The afternoon class will cover an initial evaluation of the participant's own horse.

  • The Fellowship Program

This program is 30 days also. It will follow the same daily schedule as the Entered Apprenticeship. The participant will continue with the unbroke horse in the morning, and then work his/her own horse in the afternoon. The goal is to become more experienced in the 5 phases of the horse’s education, both with an unbroke as well as with a broke horse. In order to advance to the Master's Program you must pass the Fellowship with score of 80% or better.

  • The Master’s Program

This program is based on the knowledge of Driving, Hunt Seat, Eventing, Dressage, Jumper, Vaquero Western, Cow work (ranch, team, calf), and Colt Starting. The participant will pick four of the of these subjects and spend a week with a chosen Master in that field. In that week the participant will get an overview of the field they have chosen, and the nuances and skills he/she may encounter. To go to the Extend Masters Program you must pass the Master's Program with a score of 80% or better.